If you have a question…we have the answer.

Healthcare benefits can be complicated to understand. As an employee you are faced with numerous decisions during open enrollment and throughout the year.

“I’m at my doctor’s office, can you verify my benefits?”

“Can you please explain my benefits to me?” 

“Should I include my husband and children on my plan?” 

“Is my doctor in-network?”

“Can you check on the status of my claim?

“I am going on vacation. What do I do if I get sick?

These questions and many more can result in stress and confusion if you can’t find the answers. To respond to your needs as an employee, you are provided an advocacy benefit through our benefits broker Keyser Insurance Group called… Service Bullet!

Service Bullet is an independent third-party solution dedicated to you! When you call you will be provided your own patient advocate that will deal with the insurance companies and doctor’s offices for you.

Please also feel free to contact your Patient Advocate or e-mail them directly.

Amy Ramer:  Email

Lori Johnson: Email

Phone: 877.381.3570
Email:  MyAdvocate@keyseragency.com